Derek Horejsh, P.E., S.E

Mission Statemnt

Carl Fink, P.E., S.E

With over 20 years of structural engineering and construction experience, Carl Fink, PE, SE founded Fink Associates, LLC in 2014 to provide a quality structural engineering alternative for the Madison, WI region’s building design and construction community. Our clientele includes architects, contractors, and building owners. Fink Horejsh, LLC’s continued mission is to provide our clients high value structural engineering services by relying on our creativity tempered by our experience in both engineering and construction. We understand how buildings behave and how buildings get put together.

By combining this knowledge, we are able to design sound durable structures that are both economical and constructible. We work closely with architects, other engineers, and contractors to integrate the structural system with other building systems to realize the project goals. We actively participate in value engineering exercises to arrive at the most economical solutions. With Fink Horejsh, you can be assured that your rate of return on investment in structural engineering fees will be maximized with construction dollar savings .